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Pete is husband to Jenny. They married each other in 1982, and have had the joy of becoming parents to Lisa, Jessica and Amy.

Lisa is  is a children’s pastor at Bryanston Methodist Church.
Jess, a music teacher, married Greg Abrahams, a professional musician. They are parents to Ben, who is the light of his grandparents eyes.
Amy is also a teacher, with an interest in Japan and roller-skates.

Pete and Jenny celebrate being married. This has seen much joy and richness in their life together, as well as times of determined perseverance, and reflection on mistakes and (sometimes) stubborn blindness.  They believe that they still have much to learn from one another, and that their marriage will continue to grow and mature.

Pete is descended from British heritage on his mother’s side, and wears his grandfather’s kilt with fond memories of this man who loved Scotland. At the same time he owns the Grassow family connections to Germany, and after their immigration to South Africa in 1870, to the Afrikaans members in Oudtshoorn and George, and the English-speaking family in Cape Town. His sister Jan serves the community of Fish Hoek in various ways, while keeping in touch with their mother Robin who lives in Carlisle Lodge.

He and his wife Jenny currently live in Brookings, South Dakota USA, where they serve God through the United Methodist Church.


“To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” Finley Peter Dunne (1867–1936)