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Conflict Management

Fighting CleanAlmost every couple enters into marriage determined to avoid the pitfalls and the problems that they see in so many other mar­riages. They are determined that theirs will be a lifelong friendship that is caring, respectful and loving. It seems unthinkable that they might have conflict with each other.But for most couples their relationship […]

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Decisions, Decisions

Making decisions in life can be difficult, especially when the decisions have potential to change the direction of your life. When a couple begins life together, making decisions suddenly gets a whole lot harder. Key questions that arise are: “Who has the final say?” “Is it possible to make a decision if one of the […]

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Wedding Vows

I will love you, hold you, and honour youEach religious faith has wedding traditions and practices—including standard wedding vows—that have been passed down through generations. Many marriages are negotiated agreements between families or clans. While in history they were to establish peaceful relationships between clans, or to cement trading relationships between nations, in South Africa […]

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“In the meantime the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ work with thee, gentle reader, in all thy studious readings” John Foxe   I have collected some of my writings together in one place. From time to time I will add to it, with the hope that some will find this a useful place for reflection and […]

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“To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” Finley Peter Dunne (1867–1936)