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Our Father

“This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,
(Matthew 6:9)

Sunday is Father’s day. This is a sad moment for some who have lost a Father, and painful for others who never knew a loving father. At the same time a good father can provide a glimpse of the love of God for humanity.

Jesus gives us a picture of God by using the comparison of a good father. When the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray, Jesus begins with these words: “Our Father”.  This does not mean that God is male! Rather it is using the image of the intimacy of a Father and child to teach us about the true nature of God: we can look at the love of a good father and can catch a glimpse of the love of God.

Such love is all inclusive: I cannot say “Our Father” and then demand that God hate the people I hate. God is my Father – and your Father, and the Father of people I do not like. In the eyes of God, Black lives matter because all are God’s beloved. In God’s sight LGBTQ lives matter because all are God’s beloved.

We remember those Fathers who are no longer with us. May God bless all the fathers in our community with a Godly love. And may we catch a glimpse of God in the faithful love of Fathers for their families.


Pastor Pete Grassow

Article published in the Brookings Register June 18th 2020.


“To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” Finley Peter Dunne (1867–1936)