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Secrets of the Virus

Do you want to know a secret? Of course you do…… because we all love secrets. And especially if it seems that I am being let into knowledge that nobody else has. This is the basis for all gossip, and private chat groups, and conspiracy theories. It is called FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. This is made worse in times where we feel like we have lost control – And so if I have the secret knowledge then perhaps I can take back some control of my life.

This Corona Virus has generated some extraordinary secret telling: here are some of the fake secrets:

  • There are people who say that the roll-out of new 5G technology is causing people’s systems to be weakened… and that’s why we are getting the virus.
  • Here is another one – the coronavirus was planned by Bill Gates on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Even politicians have joined in: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro suggested that the virus was an American bioweapon aimed at China.

Our Christian history has seen this before: In the First Century the Gnostics believed that they possessed secret knowledge that no one else knew. The Christian leaders of the time were quite clear: there is no secret knowledge. Every secret of God is revealed in Jesus, and all we need for a fulfilled life is to know Jesus and the ways of Jesus (Read Colossians Chapters 1 & 2).

There is a spiritual corrective to all of us who think that we can control of our fears by looking for secret knowledge. This is called Holy Saturday – which is the moment between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. This is a moment of great uncertainty – where the Saviour of the people is dead and the future is unknown. When we pause on Holy Saturday, when we sit in the darkness of unknowing, we are forced to learn patience. Learning to wait for Easter Sunday is a necessary part of our faith….. and we should visit Holy Saturday more than once a year. Let us learn to live with not knowing – this is called faith in God.

So stop looking for the hidden secret Deep State, or the untold story of empty hospitals, or that one pastor who can cure this virus. Choose instead to say “I do not have access to the secrets of the universe – but I choose to follow the One who knows all the secrets (even the secrets of my life) and who chooses to love me anyway”.



“To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” Finley Peter Dunne (1867–1936)